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Letters to Parents

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Fully funded Level 2 qualifications now available to parents6 November 2019

L2Quals Advert

We are delighted to announce that Hope Learning Trust has now officially launched our exciting new parent training partnership with global training provider, The Skills Network. Parents and Guardians of children at Hope Learning Trust now have the opportunity to unlock their full potential and enrol on a nationally accredited qualification of their choice for free*.

In partnership with The Skills Network, we are offering a suite of level 2 qualifications to enhance your skill set and further your professional development or knowledge of key subject areas.

These courses are delivered via distance learning methods, either online or using paper-based learning materials, and can be completed within 12-16 weeks.

Choose from our range of available qualifications on the poster below

Consultation on PAN4 November 2019

This is a consultation on a proposed reduction in the published admission number (PAN) for Graham School, Hope Learning Trust, with effect from September 2021

Length of consultation: 6 weeks, ending on 16 December 2019

Please Click Here for more information

Attendance Matters1 October 2019

In order that your children gain the greatest benefit from education, it is essential that they attend school regularly and punctually. Every day at Graham School we strive to ensure high quality learning experiences for all of our students. Whilst at school, students also benefit from spending time with their friends and engaging in a range of extra-curricular activities. If they are absent they are missing out, which could impact negatively on their learning and academic progress as well as their social and emotional well-being. We do not want any student at Graham School to be disadvantaged; please support us by ensuring your child attends school every day.

HPV Vaccinations12 September 2019

The HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccination is being offered to all 12 and 13 year old children in Year 8. Please see below for details about the vaccine and how to give your consent.

How do I give my consent?

To fill in the online consent form for your child to receive the HPV vaccinations please go to the website below. This will take you to the Childhood Immunisation Service for North Yorkshire and City of York homepage. Please click on the link for the online consent form, enter your school’s unique code (see below) and click “Find School”. You may then begin filling out your child’s information. Once submitted, if you provide a valid email address, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.



North Yorkshire Police - Alert11 September 2019

This information has come from North Yorkshire Police. 

“We have become aware of a drug called ‘Soundcloud’ circulating in Harrogate. The drug comes in pill form, in the shape of the ‘Soundcloud’ website logo.  Taking these is dangerous and a small number of people have required medical attention as a result of taking them.

We strongly advise against taking these pills (and other drugs) and ask anyone with any information about them to get in touch with the police as soon as possible or if you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111

We also encourage parents and carers to speak with young people, to have those conversations around the risks of using drugs. Please see the following link for advice and support: https://northyorkshire.police.uk/staying-safe/young-people-and-drugs-where-to-get-help/