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Character Opportunities

An interest in learning about other places and the patterns and processes that have created these. Appreciation of the complexity of social and environmental problems.

Appreciation of the opportunities that they are afforded compared to other areas of the world.
Enquiry based learning. Remembering case study specific detail, geographical terminology, structuring extended answers, addressing command word, numerical skills. Justifying decisions.
Options for solving present and future challenges at a range of different scales and the role they have to play in the success of these as decision makers.
To work purposefully and effectively in class and at home to complete tasks to the best of your ability.
Understanding and appreciation of different cultures, Values and attitudes due to varying levels of development. Arguing from different perspectives
Enthusiasm and interest in learning about the patterns, processes and challenges for the future.  Offering justified opinions.

Careers Links

As a subject Geography gives students the opportunity to understand more about the world, the challenges it faces and their place within it. Many employers recognise the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that are developed as part of this subject and this can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities including GIS specialist, aid worker, town planner, teacher, lawyer, crisis manager, locational manager, travel agent, and environmental manager to name just a few

Extended Learning

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