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Performing Arts

“Remember: there are no small parts, only small actors”
- Constantin Stanislavski

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”
- Martha Graham

Character Opportunities

  • Use techniques such as tableaux and hot-seating to find out more about the characters and plays you are creating.
  • Show thanks for others’ performing to you by giving them a round of applause at the end of their performance.
  • Stay in role even if things go wrong. Try not to laugh and sustain your role – this will keep your performance professional.
  • Remember you can do it! Keep this in mind when contributing to your group and think about the final performance.
  • Remain focused and make sure that you concentrate during lessons and performances to ensure the best outcome.
  • Work together as a team and communicate during rehearsals to ensure that you are creating the best piece of work that you can.
  • This subject is all about having fun and getting involved. Take part in one of our productions to show you have real ZEST!

Careers Links

  • Acting
  • Theatre Production
  • Technical Theatre
  • Costume & Makeup
  • Film, Television, Radio & Media
  • Creative Industries

Extended Learning

  • Tickets for GCSE Performing Arts students for any show at the Stephen Joseph Theatre are just £5 http://www.sjt.uk.com

Schemes of Learning & Materials

GCSE Subject Specification

You can find all the information relating to this GCSE Subject on our Subject Specifications page.