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Physical Education

Character Opportunities

  • Trying a task and then thinking about how your input could be improved

  • Asking questions that link areas of learning together

  • Offering to carry/take equipment

  • Acting on advice given to you by a member of staff or another pupil.

  • Fundamental in all skills; if you are not successful, try, try, try again. Consider adapting the task so it is has smaller elements to achieve before putting it all together again.

  • Persevering with peers when they are not responding to your feedback. Consider rephrasing or breaking it down into a smaller target to achieve.

  • Glass is half full approach, positive mind set – “I’m better than I was…”

  • Attempting tasks that put you out of your comfort zone, for example a round-off using a pommel horse.

  • Using equipment in a safe and appropriate manner

  • Reacting to situations in a more positive way when they don’t work out as expected

  • Listening to other pupils’ points of view and considering their input before responding

  • When things don’t go to plan, consider what you can do differently – not focussing on what the rest of the team are doing wrong

  • Having a go and taking a leading role in the activity

  • Guiding peers and encouraging them

Careers Links

Extended Learning

Schemes of Learning & Materials

GCSE Subject Specification

You can find all the information relating to this GCSE Subject on our Subject Specifications page.