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“Look up at the starts and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”
- Stephen Hawking

Character Opportunities

  • Independently exploring and investigating a scientific theme, theory or scientist.
  • Researching the historical, political, social and cultural context of a scientific text, theory or discovery and applying this to your analysis.
  • Helping your science teacher, practical partner and fellow students by giving out the books, equipment and resources; or helping and assisting with the teaching and learning in any way.
  • Responding to constructive criticism in a positive and detailed manner, demonstrating your appreciation of the advice given using the green pen.
  • Responding to written and verbal feedback, through the use of detailed green pen improvements.
  • Using technical, scientific and challenging vocabulary in your spoken language and written work.
  • Completing additional research, challenge tasks or attending revision classes; this character is about your effort levels.
  • Reading widely outside of lessons to develop your confidence when dealing with unseen applications and texts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop and sustain a practical, research or written task over a period of time.
  • Developing your investigative independence in all aspect of the curriculum, ensuring that you work through a problem or misconception rather than relying on your teacher to tell you the answer.
  • Understanding the audience and purpose of a task and being able to apply the appropriate techniques to your own spoken language and written work; always with the audience in mind.
  • Working as a team in a practical situation; having respect for others work during an investigation.
  • Actively participating in your group work and inspiring others.
  • Participating in class discussions about scientific theories and principles.

Careers Links

  • Medical - Nursing to Surgeons
  • Engineering - Designing new medicines to Construction
  • Enviromental - Veterinary Science to Life Study

Extended Learning

  • Separate Sciences

Schemes of Learning & Materials

GCSE Subject Specification

You can find all the information relating to this GCSE Subject on our Subject Specifications page.