Graham School @grahamschoolCelebrating Pride Month at Graham School! Thanks to our students and librarian for making this amazing display which looks brilliant above our Rainbow of Hope painted during Lockdown 1. #PrideMonth2021 #Diversity #TeamGraham #Pride #GrowAtGraham πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolAnother of our entries from Graham's Got Talent... Here's Daniel with his own monologue. #EduArtsFest #TeamGraham #GrowAtGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolLilly with her entry for Graham's Got Talent! #EduArtsFest #TeamGraham #GrowAtGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolOlivia's imaginative pebbles piece. #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolMae's recreations of some famous brands... AMAZING! #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolSome mixed media projects from Laila in year 10. #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TeamPindar #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolKeira's "sweet" composition of these famous brands... #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolKate has produced this fantastic piece of the Harbour Bar. #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago


Graham School’s Got Talent – time to vote!

Students at Graham School have shown they really have got talent as they’ve sung, danced, played and performed over the last few weeks to gain a place in the grand final of Graham School’s Got Talent!

A huge well done to the twenty-one brave students who entered the competition and showcased their amazing talents, but in the end only six could go through to the final.

JudgesΒ Mrs Sharon O-Connell, Mr Simon C-Granger, Miss Cheryl C-Fairbank and Mr David W-Firth had a tough time selecting the finalists, and there were a few disagreements along the way, but in the end, they agreed that the final line-up should be:

  • Thomas, Year 8 – singing
  • Bryn, Year 7 – drums
  • Lilly, Year 9 – dance
  • Archie, Year 7 – singing
  • Freya, Year 9 – playing guitar and singing
  • Rosie, Year 8 – dance

It’s time to vote!

Now we need you to cast your votes please. Take a look at the video below, choose your winner and then submit your vote here. Voting closes at 3pm on Friday 5 March.



Miss Estill, Drama Teacher at Graham School, said “We came up with the idea to try and bring a little fun back into the school community, during what has been such a difficult time for many. Whilst we have all been so isolated, we hoped this might bring us all together a little. We also wanted to engage the students in something that they thrive on. In these lonely times, creatives have been somewhat forgotten about, so it is also a fantastic opportunity to showcase the arts.

“I’m really proud to see the talent in our school and want to say a huge well done to everyone who took part.”

The winners will be announced via the school’s social media channels and the Tutor group google classrooms around 4.00pm on Friday 5 March. First prize is a whopping Β£50 amazon voucher, second prize is a Β£30 voucher and third prize a Β£20 amazon voucher.