Graham School @grahamschoolCelebrating Pride Month at Graham School! Thanks to our students and librarian for making this amazing display which looks brilliant above our Rainbow of Hope painted during Lockdown 1. #PrideMonth2021 #Diversity #TeamGraham #Pride #GrowAtGraham πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolAnother of our entries from Graham's Got Talent... Here's Daniel with his own monologue. #EduArtsFest #TeamGraham #GrowAtGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolLilly with her entry for Graham's Got Talent! #EduArtsFest #TeamGraham #GrowAtGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolOlivia's imaginative pebbles piece. #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolMae's recreations of some famous brands... AMAZING! #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolSome mixed media projects from Laila in year 10. #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TeamPindar #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolKeira's "sweet" composition of these famous brands... #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolKate has produced this fantastic piece of the Harbour Bar. #EduArtsFest #GrowAtGraham #TeamGraham #TheArts weeks ago


Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, the curriculum is broad and balanced for all students. This is the time when students build upon their primary education to prepare themselves for Key Stage 4 choices. Students study a range of subjects including English, Maths and Science. Beyond this core, Geography and History are taught as separate humanities to all students. Drama, Art, Dance and Music make up the creative component of the curriculum. French is the modern foreign language offered to our Key Stage 3 students. Technology is taught through 1 period per week of Workshop (electronics, resistant materials, systems and control, and graphic products) and another Technology period which is allocated to Food Technology and Textiles. Finally, we offer Computing, Philosophy & Ethics and PE throughout the Key Stage. All in all, this ensures students have an inclusive curriculum which prepares them for life in modern Britain.

Key Stage 3 Enrichment Curriculum

Our Enrichment curriculum is well-matched to students who achieve Level 3 or below on their Key Stage 2 tests. Extra time allocated to Literacy which is aimed at supporting students to experience rapid progress in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Students who follow this curriculum have the opportunity to graduate from the Enrichment programme and follow a mainstream curriculum once good progress is consistent. The impact of this curriculum for many students is astounding.