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Our School


Building Character

At Graham School we are committed to ensuring that our young people lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. As well as students’ academic progress we can help our young people to develop character strengths that will aid them to develop into respectful and respected adults.

Research studies show that developing the character traits of optimism, grit, social intelligence, curiosity, zest, self -control and gratitude is beneficial to students’ academic progress and to their future success in life. Character strengths can be built and developed by everyone. All of us can grow in all of the character strengths, although we have a tendency to be stronger in some aspects of character than others. This is why we will be helping our students to build their character strengths as part of their experience at Graham School.

Our Values


Be eager to explore new things;
Ask questions to help you learn;
Take an active interest in your learning.


Recognise what other people do for you;
Show appreciation for opportunities;
Express appreciation by saying ‘thank you’;
Do something nice for someone else as a way of saying thank you.


Finish whatever you begin and stick with an activity for more than a few weeks;
Try very hard even after experiencing failure;
Stay committed to your goals;
Keep working hard even when you feel like quitting.


Believe that effort will improve your future;
When bad things happened, think about things you could do to make it better next time;
Stay motivated, even when things don’t go well;


School Work

Arrive to lessons prepared;
Remember and follow instructions;
Start work immediately, do not wait until the last minute;
Pay attention and resist distractions.


Remain calm even when criticised or otherwise provoked;
Allow others to speak without interrupting;
Be polite to adults and peers;
Keep your temper in check.

Social Intelligence

Remember your tone of voice, facial expressions and body language talk;
Be able to find solutions during conflicts with others;
Show that you care about the feelings of others;
Adapt to different social situations by changing your behaviour and reactions.


Actively participate;
Inspire others;
Show enthusiasm;
Approach new situations with excitement and energy