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Bullying is always a major concern for parents and students. Graham School is committed to supporting every child and stamping out bullying; as well as the normal support offered by Form Tutors and other Pastoral staff we have Peer Support drop ins for students who are being bullied and confidential email addresses for students to report concerns. These addresses can be found on our Anti Bullying Policy although every student should be aware of them already.

We are aware, though, that families can feel powerless if they are concerned that their child is being bullied at school or online so here we present a briefing for families which covers the different types of bullying, signs to look out for if you are worried your child is being bullied, suggestions for how you can help and also explains some reasons why children might not want to tell someone they’re being bullied.

As ever, if you are concerned for the wellbeing of your child, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.