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Primary Transition

Primary Transition

Graham School

Moving from primary school to secondary school is a big step for many students and a new challenge. Transition is a chance to learn through new experiences and take advantage of the many opportunities that a larger school can offer. Every student will have a dedicated form tutor, Head of Year and access to a Pastoral Support Team.  Every effort is made at Graham School to ensure that every student has a smooth transition. We want every student to enjoy the move to secondary school and aim for each individual to be supported through the process. This will be done through visits to each primary school at the beginning of June, meeting students and parents, discussions with current year 6 teachers and enhanced transition for more vulnerable students encompassing extra visits to Graham School.

When starting a new school there are many questions which might arise. The accompanying frequently asked questions document will hopefully answer many of the questions that you or your son/daughter may have.

If there are any issues about which you are unclear please do not hesitate to contact


Transition Day

On Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July 2019, Graham School will be inviting all new students to attend the school site as part of the Scarborough Area Transfer Process. The days will be an opportunity for all year 6 students to experience a broader curriculum, interactive activities, new learning and meeting new friends. Students will also have the opportunity to receive awards at the end of the day based around their development and use of new skills and knowledge through learning. Students will be working in tutor groups to help forge new friendships and aid a smooth start in September. There will also be a tour of the school site during the day for all students. Every Year 6 group will be accompanied by two Student Leaders throughout the day to help with any questions that they may have and to help the students begin to find their way around a significantly larger building. Break and lunch times will be for year 6 only to allow for a smooth settling in period without the distractions of brothers/sisters/older friends.

Again, if you have any questions please contact the school office on 01723 366451