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Primary Transition – Learning resources

To give you a taste of some of the exciting subjects and topics you’ll be exploring with us at Graham School we’ve popped some learning resources for Primary Transition students to download and try before they join us in September. Some of the learning resources are presented in question and answer format while others draw on elements hosted on the web for you to explore and comment on. Enjoy!


Are you a budding Banksy? Want to paint like Picasso? Check out some of the arty activities on offer at Graham School. Click here to download the Art resources

Can you crack the code of what it takes to make an award-wining game? Have a look at some of the ways we’ll uncover the secrets of computing. Click here to download the Computing resources

Get your groove on and get ready to throw some shapes! Check out these handy guides to winning that dance-off. Dance Keeping Fit and Healthy     Dance resources

Design Technology
Why do things look or work the way they do? In Design Technology we evaluate the effectiveness of everyday objects right from their design through to their form and function. We’ll take a look at packaging design as well as the nutritional values of foodstuffs and the importance of healthy eating. Check out the Design Technology resources here.

Are you a budding screenwriter or an aspiring actor? You’ll be on the edge of your seat as we take a thrilling look into the world of the murder mystery genre. Can you work out whodunnit? Click here to find out more.

Lost in Space? Land of the Lost? We’ll make sure you find your way with our Geography resources. Designed to explore the subject with games, tasks and even info on working with grid references. You can check them out here.

You’ll need your wits about you as we undertake a historical whodunnit: Historical Whodunnit    Historical Whodunnit Evidence Cards

History never tasted so good as we uncover the origins of chocolate! From Xocolatl to Cadburys    Historical Chocolate quiz

Get ready to crunch those numbers! Check out our Maths quiz here.

Philosophy and Ethics
This fascinating subject encourages you to be more future minded and think about who you are – and who you want to become. Check out the three resources here: Philosophy and Ethics 1    Philosophy and Ethics 2    Philosophy and Ethics 3

Our Science teachers have created a range of exciting and engaging Science tasks which they’d like you to complete and hand in on your first Science lesson in September. Can you help Zig, Zag and Zorg find out about science so they can report back to their planet ZOOPITOR? Click here to download your Science Transition Project.



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