Religious Studies

GCSE Religious Studies

100% Exam

No Controlled Assessment

Led by: Ms E Saxton

Exam Board:


What will I be studying?

GCSE Religious Studies allows students to study an extensive list of topics, for example: abortion/ euthanasia, the death penalty, war/justice, and marriage/divorce just to name a few! The course focuses on two religious perspectives: Christianity and Islam. It allows students to develop their understanding of different cultural perspectives and also develop their own view on the world and what it has to offer. Students will have an opportunity to take part in debates, pretend court trials, and take roles of lawyers. The course is assessed through two exams, one on each religion.

What can I do after wards?

A qualification in this subject is useful in many jobs including: lawyer, police, barrister, teacher,social work, government, marketing and management.


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