Graham School @grahamschoolA lovely end to the week to receive some pictures of Art Home Learning. Thank you and well done to Keira in year 8 and Connor in year 7 for these amazing pieces. #TeamGraham #ThriveWithHope #RemoteLearning days ago
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Graham School @grahamschoolWe want you to stay safe and well at this difficult time, if you need support try these amazing services: Kooth: free online counselling and support Compass BUZZ confidential text messaging service on 07520 631168 days ago
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Graham School @grahamschoolUpdate Letter to Parent/Carers - please click the link below or visit the school website. Thank You weeks ago
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Remote learning

What if my child can't attend school?

Guidance notes for parents/carers and students on how to access school work 

If the young person is well, or well enough to complete some schoolwork whilst at home, then please follow the guidance below:

  • First, look at your timetable. You should have either copied or stuck this into your planner at the start of term.
  • We would encourage you to follow your daily timetable as much as possible. For example, if on the first day of your absence you have Maths, English, Geography, History and Science then we would recommend that you complete work for these subjects on that day. We do understand however that sometimes a flexible approach is needed, for example if a laptop/tablet is being shared.
  • Go to the Graham School homepage and click on the Google Classroom button at the top right or click here to go straight to Google Classroom.
  • Please check your Google Classroom for live lessons. Click on the link or the class code.
  • Choose the relevant lesson, referring back to your timetable.
  • The lesson may refer to other resources – e.g. websites or online platforms. Students should already know their log-ins for sites such as Hegarty Maths, Sam Learning, Kerboodle etc. If they don’t, they will need to contact their subject teacher to find out.
  • Contact your form tutor if you have any difficulties accessing the work.
  • Those students who already have a Graham School email address set up should check this once a day, as teachers may contact them with additional advice and guidance on the work. Students may also choose to contact their teachers with questions about the work, though teachers will still be teaching lessons in school, therefore an immediate response might not be possible.
  • There are also the following platforms to access school work:

The Oak National Academy 

BBC Bitesize 


SAM Learning

Live lessons

Parents/carers – please ensure you have signed the consent and code of conduct, which allows your child to join our live lessons – you can find the form here.


A lovely end to the week to receive some pictures of Art Home Learning. Thank you and well done to Keira in year 8 and Connor in year 7 for these amazing pieces. #TeamGraham #ThriveWithHope #RemoteLearning…