Graham School @grahamschoolWishing all students and staff a restful half term! Well done on all your hard work this term!  #TeamGraham #Holiday also please do click to read the first newsletter of the school year! days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolOur students have really excelled themselves on @hegartymaths this term and we can't wait to reward all of our #HegartyHeroes today with their prizes and certificates. Fantastic work, effort and determination from all of our students. Well done! #TeamGraham #Maths #ThriveWithHope days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolCongratulations to our @ThinkReadHQ programme graduates Jack and Adrian. Ms Laxton is extremely proud of the two students and what they have achieved, even more so for their hard work and determination. A fantastic achievement, well done! 👨🏼‍🎓📚🥳 #TeamGraham #ThriveWithHope week ago
Graham School @grahamschoolY9 had Friday treats today - well done on a great start to the year! We had 12 students nominated - some couldn't be there but they still go their chocolates! #TeamGraham #Y9 #Celebrations #ThriveWithHope weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolWell done to Y8 students (and Ms Tindall!) who enjoyed treats on Friday! They are doing really well in Y8 and have had a great start to the year! Hope you enjoyed the chocolates! #TeamGraham #Y8 #GrowAtGraham #ThriveWithHope weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolWell done to Y7 students who had Friday Treats with Miss Robins! Cold Chocolate this year rather than hot! They have had a great first month. We are very proud of them! #TeamGraham #GrowAtGraham #Celebrations #ThriveWithHope 🍫🥳 weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolEach of our Year 7 & 8 will receive a FREE book! During the next two weeks students will pick their book from 17 titles. Take a look at this year's choice on the Bookbuzz website. weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolMiss Jessup has expressed just how proud she is of the students here at #TeamGraham. We are currently running our #AntiBullyingCampaign and so far we've had 75 students wanting to be Anti Bullying Ambassadors. Amazing team spirit. #Proud 👏4 weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolGreat to see so many Y6 and their parents this evening! If you missed it, please enjoy our film at the link below. If you have questions contact us! We’ll be in touch!#Transition #TeamGraham weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolWith Virtual Open Evening fast approaching... here's just a small taster of life at Graham School. We can't wait to meet you all next week. month ago


Remote learning

What if my child can't attend school?

Guidance notes for parents/carers and students on how to access school work 

If the young person is well, or well enough to complete some schoolwork whilst at home, then please follow the guidance below:

  • First, look at your timetable. You should have either copied or stuck this into your planner at the start of term.
  • We would encourage you to follow your daily timetable as much as possible. For example, if on the first day of your absence you have Maths, English, Geography, History and Science then we would recommend that you complete work for these subjects on that day. We do understand however that sometimes a flexible approach is needed, for example if a laptop/tablet is being shared.
  • Go to the Graham School homepage and click on the Google Classroom button at the top right or click here to go straight to Google Classroom.
  • Choose the relevant lesson, referring back to your timetable.
  • The lesson may refer to other resources – e.g. websites or online platforms. Students should already know their log-ins for sites such as Hegarty Maths, Sam Learning, Kerboodle etc. If they don’t, they will need to contact their subject teacher to find out.
  • Contact your form tutor if you have any difficulties accessing the work.
  • Those students who already have a Graham School email address set up should check this once a day, as teachers may contact them with additional advice and guidance on the work. Students may also choose to contact their teachers with questions about the work, though teachers will still be teaching lessons in school, therefore an immediate response might not be possible.
  • There are also the following platforms to access school work:

The Oak National Academy 

BBC Bitesize 


SAM Learning


Wishing all students and staff a restful half term! Well done on all your hard work this term!  #TeamGraham #Holiday also please do click to read the first newsletter of the school year!…