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Study Plus

Study Plus

Subject contact

Ms G Taylor and Mrs F

Norton (English and Maths)

Additional English and Maths support provided as part of the Supported Pathway. Any student accessing this choice will receive an extra Maths and English lesson taught by subject specialists each week.

What will your child learn on this course?

This course is designed to support students to achieve the best possible outcome in English and Mathematics. The course is structured to be flexible so that it can adapt to the needs of the learners in the group. Often it will be used to support work set during the week, alongside specific literacy and numeracy skills.

How will students be assessed?

This pathway will not necessarily produce an examination outcome. However, as stated it is designed to support key literacy and numeracy development that will impact upon the performance in other subjects. Throughout the course students will be expected to complete assessments and project based work so that individual progress can be ascertained. We will also be monitoring the publication of new  qualifications and consider the validity of entry for certain pupils on this pathway.

What will your child need to do to make progress?

Students will need to be organised and able to plan their work. They need to be pro-active in wanting to do everything they can to pass Maths and English. Strong personal resilienceand an ability to try newideas and approaches to learning are crucial attributes to be successful on this course.

What could happen next?

Potential post-16 options/Career pathways:

Securing English and Maths at GCSE is essential to gain access to further education. Completing this option enhances the chancesof success in achieving this. Please note that if a student doesn’t achieve the threshold standard in English or Maths at GCSE it is compulsory for them to continue studying either or both subjects until achieved or they are 18. GCSE English and Maths is a prerequisite of most Level 3 courses at post-16 providers. Most apprenticeships require GCSE English and Maths.


We are so grateful for all of the support we are receiving from our community. Your kinds words mean a great deal to our staff. Thank you for your kindness. #TeamGraham #Community #RemoteLearning…