Graham School @grahamschoolLetter to Parent/Carers - 26-02-2021 Please follow the link for update letter from the Principal. hours ago
Graham School @grahamschoolWell done to Theo in Y10 who has won the 'Write It Darkly' Gothic Story writing competition. He had to write a 500 word story which is now published here: . Highly praised by the judges for its imagery, pace and suspense.. We are very proud of Theo! day ago
Graham School @grahamschoolYou will shortly receive an information pack on the options process for all Year 8s. They are invited to an assembly on the 2/3/21 at 8.40am to hear about the process. The options evening for students and parents is happening via the website (details will follow in the pack).2 days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolA really useful resource for support with anxiety has been shared with us. Please follow the link #MentalHealthMatters3 days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolWe are asking parents/carers for their feedback on how we can continue to support them with remote learning. Could we please ask you to complete this short questionnaire on further support... Thank you.5 days ago
Graham School @grahamschoolThis has been a very different half term and we’ve all spent lots of time in front of screens. Here is some useful advice for balancing your screen time. #screentime #rest #balance #halfterm weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolSome top tips for mental health over the half term. #MentalHealthMatters2 weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolLetter to Parents/Carers of All Students. Please follow the link to read the letter. We kindly ask all Parents/Carers to complete the form to update our Consent for Remote Learning. weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolRemember if you see something online that is causing you concern. Speak to a trusted adult. #AnInternetWeTrust #SaferInternetDay2021 weeks ago
Graham School @grahamschoolDoes the information look too good to be trye? Question the motives behind what you see online. #AnInternetWeTrust #SaferInternetDay2021 weeks ago


The School Day

The School Day

The School Day – September

Our School Day is broken down in to five periods, each lasting one hour.


Arrive at School

8.40 to 9.10


9.10 to 10.10

Period 1

10.10 to 11.10

Period 2

11.10 to 11.30


11.30 to 12.30

Period 3

12.30 to 14.00

Period 4 / Lunch

 12.30 to 13.00

Lunch Y7 and Y8

 13.00 to 14.00

Period 4 Y7 and Y8

12.30 to 13.30

Period 4 Y9, Y10 and Y11

 13.30 to 14.00

Lunch Y9, Y10 and Y11

14.10 to 15.00

Period 5


Day End


Assemblies take place during registration.

Day of the Week Year Group
Monday Year 7
Tuesday Year 8
Wednesday Year 9
Thursday Year 10
Friday Year 11

At the end of term, we often celebrate students talent with performance assemblies featuring live music and dance.


Letter to Parent/Carers - 26-02-2021 Please follow the link for update letter from the Principal.